kompetisi PES 2013 Dunia


PES10What makes Palisades Episcopal School (PES) special to our family and perhaps sets PES apart from some of our other school choices?

1. That my children are free to pray and to get to know a Loving God in their school day.

2. That it is cool to be smart here… and “smart” looks different on everybody- from scientist to violinist to writer to runner.

3. That my children are learning foreign languages…many moons ago I was a French teacher and understand the time sensitive advantage of teaching foreign languages early before certain language receptors go dormant. I love that they are learning Spanish and Latin…well, if it can’t be French.J

4. Go back to #2- that it is cool to learn Latin!

5. That they have been taught by teachers who truly are touched by God’s Grace and treat their roles here as a calling, not a job.


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